About This Site

Writing without definition is an attempt, for now, to see what this turns into. To jump off the cliff and build my wings while falling, as it were.

Writing without reservation is to see where things go as I build this into whatever it’s supposed to be, and to truly do that I have to put myself out there.

This is untitled to keep me from trying to put only certain items in – if I made this something specific it would become precious, a place for only certain things and ideas and you’d lose interest pretty quickly.

This is united in that this site will be where all the seemingly disparate parts of my thinking can be tied together, in a way I hope you’ll enjoy. Sometimes it’s going to feel more like the White Album than Abbey Road, but at the end of the day it’ll be fun.

I know the personal blog is a bit like the one man show, kind of self – indulgent and not always illuminating or entertaining, but a starting point is a starting point.

Here we go…


What do you think?

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