I Owe Joey Ramone Big Time

Tommy Erdyeli passed away yesterday. A couple years ago I wrote about what the Ramones meant to me, giving a big portion of the credit to Joey, but Tommy, Dee Dee, and Johnny were equally responsible for shaping my attitude towards music. Tommy maybe moreso thanks to him also producing the Replacements and Red Kross. I’m reposting this piece with that addendum to give credit where it’s due, and to say thanks to someone who’ll be greatly missed.



In looking forward to Rob Reid’s book Year Zero, I’ve been thinking about music. I mentioned in an earlier post Rob’s TED speech on Piracy’s impact, and read the first chapter posted on Wired (definitely looking forward to this book). All that got me thinking about when, growing up, music first started really meaning something to me. It damn sure wasn’t what I grew up with in the 80’s.

I mention that because there’s a lot of 80’s fetishism going on nowadays. Between Ready Player One (awesome, by the way), Rock of Ages (which I’ll skip, thanks), Drive (I’ll be catching that on Netflix) and plenty more that decade just keeps spinning right ’round, you know?

I really didn’t enjoy a lot of what I was hearing at the time. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t inspired by it. I blame MTV. When having visual instincts started trumping…

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