The Doctor Returns

In light of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this weekend, I thought I’d repost what I wrote before the start of last season, about introducing my son to the show.


This weekend the new season of Doctor Who begins, which is a big cause for celebration in our house. My son has really taken a shine to the Doctor, voraciously tearing through the series, barely slowed down by the creepier episodes. We began watching the new series about a year ago, when his interest in Science Fiction really took off and he started asking about seeing and reading more scary stories. The deciding factor was seeing him reading Edgar Allen Poe and R.L. Stine on his own. It led me to decide, if he was going to gravitate towards the frightening, it was my responsibility to make sure what he did see and read didn’t plague him with nightmares. At least that’s what I tell myself, while the truth is I itch to introduce him to the books, movies, and shows I loved as a child, and couldn’t help dragging…

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