How Punk Rock Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

Everything about this piece by Caroline Moore is capital “A” Awesome.

caroline moore

Update: the video for this talk was posted on the WMC blog, which means you can go watch it now.

Last Sunday, I got to give a talk at WMC Fest in Cleveland. Maybe some of you were there. Due to my inability to STOP TALKING OMG YOU’RE STILL TALKING, I didn’t quite get to the end of it. Probably my favorite thing anyone said about the matter was this:


CPT’s stage isn’t the first place I’ve been kicked out of, but it’s certainly the nicest. This is my unedited, notes I wrote to myself for the thing. I figured if I started trying to clean it up, it would never get posted. Thanks to those of you that made it out, thanks to anyone that said they enjoyed it or got something out of it, and thanks to the WMC Fest crew for letting me get up there…

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