Pre-Summer Reading

We’re moving into the warmer months, and Summer really can’t come fast enough at this point. Unlike last year, we’ve got no big vacation plans, but nonetheless it’ll be good to get to the good reading-on-the-porch weather, when it’s not terribly dark until much later and you can put the day to bed with a nice drink and a book in the cool air.

I’ve got a new slate of books lined up for the next month or so, which I think will cover some great reading opportunities and to which I’m very much looking forward. I’ve had a good streak of luck with reading lately, with really only one less than pleasant reading experience, so here’s hoping the next three I have on deck turn out as fun.

First up is Taylor Stevens’ newest in her Informationist series, The Doll. Stevens has a real knack for fast paced, clever thrillers, and The Doll, which throws Munroe into the seedy world of human trafficking, looks to be a great, gritty, dark ride.

Speaking of dark rides, the next title on my list is the newest from Lauren Beukes, The Shining Girls. This book has some significant buzz around it, and I’m looking forward to the combination of serial killer thriller and time travel.

Finally, I’m moving away from the dark territories of the first two to read a new collection, The Best of Connie Willis. I really shouldn’t have to sell anyone on Connie Willis’ genius, there’s a very obvious reason she’s a Grandmaster of Science Fiction. Her short fiction is always a great distillation of everything she does so well in her novels. This collection is made up of stories that have won either the Hugo, the Nebula, or both, so having them conveniently gathered into one collection is something I just couldn’t pass up.

I’m eager to read all three, and expect to tear through them pretty quickly. I look forward to putting my thought on them up here very soon. So what’s sitting on the top of your to-be-read pile?


What do you think?

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