Seriously, Disney, Get On This Now



One advantage of having a child is to have a perfect excuse to go to Disneyland or World and not feel like a bit of a creep.  Yes, the parks are designed for everyone, but honestly, it’s a lot more fun going with kids than without.  We’ve been a couple of times to Orlando, and last year went to Anaheim, and each time it’s been a fantastic experience, in large part because O totally embraces the experience.  His favorite attraction hands down is the Haunted Mansion, which we’ve rode countless times.  On our last trip we added Tower of Terror, which is now tied with the classic Haunted Mansion, and had fun thinking about how cool it would have been if their plan to make the Tower a functioning hotel had come to fruition.

Now Disney’s floating the idea of ride themed rooms again, with possible Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion hotel rooms.  The picture above is a mock-up of what the Haunted Mansion room might look like.  It’s more kid friendly than seriously spooky, which makes sense, and apparently may end up featuring hidden effects.  Seriously, they should get on this right away.  Though the down side would be our son would never allow us to leave, but isn’t being trapped there the point of the Haunted Mansion anyway?


What do you think?

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