So Much Great Guillermo del Toro News This Week


A few months before Pacific Rim comes out , we’re getting a slew of news about Guillermo del Toro projects that seem to be moving from concept to reality.  Del Toro has a penchant for taking on many complex, enormous projects, and at times it’s seemed like he bites off more than he can chew, but this week news broke that a couple are coming to fruition, and both have huge potential.  Both are TV projects which, given who he’s working with and the networks involved, I’m very optimistic will go from development to broadcast.

First came the news he was developing the Japanese seinen manga Monster into a series for HBO.  a dark tale about a doctor hunting down  the boy who’s life he saved, once discovering the child is pure evil.  Naoki Urasawa’s work has been lauded for a while, and already adapted into an anime series, but a live action version under the auspices of HBO could be an amazing, dark series.

The next I’m a little more excited about, because I’m more familiar with the source material.  FX has del Toro adapting his novel The Strain into a series co-produced by Carlton Cuse.   The Strain, which re-imagines vampirism as a virus doctors are racing to contain and stop before it consumes everyone in it’s path.  The novel is the first of a trilogy, and was co-written by Chuck Hogan, who’s Prince of Thieves was the basis for Ben Affleck’s movie The Town.   The Strain combines the high-tension plotting Hogan brings to his crime writing with the creepiness and chilling imagery del Toro is so skilled at producing.  Cuse has done excellent work on Lost, and reviews of Bates Motel have so far given high marks to that series.  Carlton Cuse is very effective at moving projects to fruition, and will be an excellent complement to del Toro’s ambition.  They’ve also cast a lead, Corey Stoll, who absolutely blew everyone away with his remarkable performance in House of Cards.

Seeing movement on these projects is very heartening indeed, along with the various trickling details of Crimson Peak.  Now if he can only get At the Mountains of Madness started again…


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