Daredevil Back at Marvel Studios



Blastr reports that the rights to Daredevil have reverted to Marvel, after Fox failed to get a reboot off the ground.  Given Marvel’s current “Can Do No Wrong” image when it comes to comic book adaptations, there’s plenty of reason to suspect they could add another winning franchise to their roster.  Considering how the last version was…lacking…it would be great to see someone really take the character in an interesting direction.  Even though he wasn’t great playing Matt Murdock, perhaps we can see if Ben Affleck would fare better directing Daredevil?  Or perhaps bring Joe Carnahan in, and go in a grittier direction (warning, the clip that links to is a little NSFW)?  Either way, it’s more interesting to consider what a powerhouse Marvel Films could become, if they could bring the rest of their properties under the same banner.  A vast Marvel Universe across movies, TV, and print could produce some epic storytelling.


What do you think?

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