Gay Protagonists, Rob, and I

Govneh expresses some thoughts more eloquently than I could on this subject. I grew up white and straight in a very homogeneous community, and the fiction I read was a major part of how I developed understanding and empathy for different groups. It’s a great read.

Where All Bad Kristins Go To Die

Two special thank-you’s for this post. First to Rob for not only making me think, but proofing this post and thanking me for it. Also, to Karina, for being braver than I (Plus-ZOMG hot boys!)

The other day on twitter, my buddy Rob was asking about science fiction that featured gay protagonists. Now, I was raised in a household that made no exceptions for people. You either fit within these arbitrary confines that comprise the norm, or you deal with not getting what you wanted. That sounds a little weird, I know, but it’s the best way I can think to describe it. My father was always incredibly concerned with not appearing weird or different from other people and if we were, we were expected to button it down and at least pretend to fit in. For the record, they still don’t like to take me places.

“What does this…

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