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I’ve reached the half point (I think) in the project I’m writing, just as some projects at my full time job are beginning to gather some momentum, so reading for fun’s been slower than I’d like.  But, since reading is just as important to developing as a writer as actually writing, I’m carving time out to read some things just for my own enjoyment.

First up is You, by Austin Grossman.  From early descriptions this looks to be in the same general region as Cory Doctorow’s books, which is to say right in my wheelhouse.  I’ve started it, and can already tell it’s going to cost me sleep.

When I finish You, The Lives of Tao is up next, taking a similar road to Stephanie Meyer’s The Host (alien possession) but actually funny and entertaining.  I’m focusing more on humorous Science Fiction right now for two reasons relating to what I’m trying to write.  As much as I love reading SciFi, I don’t write it so there’s no chance I’ll find their concepts drifting into what I’m writing.  On the other hand, I’ve been noticing my writing’s been heavier than I want it to be, and I think a big part of that comes from having not read or watched much comedy in the last month.  I don’t see myself ever being a full out humor writer, but whether it’s an overt part of the text or a playfulness in the way words come together, a lack of humor in writing is death.

So those are the titles currently at the top of my to-be-read list, I’ll have reviews for them as soon as possible.  If you’ve read either, or have something else you’d like to recommend, feel free to drop a comment below.


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