R.I.P. Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

Roger Ebert’s passion for movies both entertained and frustrated, and he will be missed.

The Galactic Pillow

Whether or not you agreed with his film reviews there is no doubting that Roger Ebert was perhaps the most famous and arguably the most powerful movie critic of his generation.  The days when movie critics could single-handedly propel films to success or into the garbage heap are obviously long gone due to the proliferation of the Internet and novice film reviewers.   However, the Pulitzer Prize winning Ebert was probably the last of the “giant” movie reviewers who along with Gene Siskel coined the phrase “Two thumbs up!” which movie distributors sought like a life-giving elixir so that they could paste the quote all over movie ads proclaiming the famous duo thought that their films were of good quality.

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