Congrats, Sesame Street, on Winning the Internet This Week

As a very young child, one of my favorite books was There is a Monster at the End of this Book.  It was a delightful piece of silliness, and I read and re-read it countless times, always in Grover’s voice.  When my son was born, it was one of the first books I bought (my copy had pretty much deteriorated from all that reading) to read to him.  It was a wonderful, terrible mistake, as reading in the Grover voice each night made him laugh and wrecked my throat for the rest of the evening.

So yesterday afternoon, as I was reading through Twitter, I saw this appear:

What followed was, by any measure epic, as Grover continued to tweet:

Later, Wil Wheaton was pulled in on the fun:

To see the rest of the the posts, you can look over at the Sesame Street twitter feed. Between moments like this and astronaut Chris Hadfield’s amazing photos from space, I really don’t know how I get anything done.


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