Pre-Spring Reading List

I was hoping to have concrete goals for Untitled*United this year, but the month’s kind of gotten away from me, so for now I’ll just break down what’s on the currently reading/to be read shelves over here. Last year I posted a list of authors I haven’t read yet, but I’m looking forward to reading. In an attempt to knock as many off that list as I can, I’ve loaded a couple of titles into iBooks and am working my way through them.

She Returns from War, Lee Collins.

Last year I enjoyed Lee’s debut Cora Oglesby novel, a fantastic mix of Western and Supernatural Horror. It was tough, hard-edged, and a lot of fun to read, and although there were flaws, I thought there was definitely a lot there I wanted to see more of. So now here’s the sequel, and if this stays true to his potential, should be another great read.

Throne of the Crescent Moon, Saladin Ahmed

This fantasy novel made many best of lists last year, but I couldn’t find the time to get to it until 2013. I’ve started it, and so far, I love the world building going on here. Along with looking for more interesting Fantasy, I’ve been looking to build off my recent forays into authors outside my ethnic group, and this book is a great example of the benefits of expanding my perspective as a reader.

Eighty Days, Matthew Goodman.

I would be shocked if, once this book comes out, someone doesn’t option it for a movie. The true story of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, who set out within days of each other to break Phineas Fogg’s (fictional) record of circumnavigating the globe in fewer than eighty days looks to be a great adventure story, as well as interesting history.

These three are just the beginning of my to-be-read pile for 2013, and considering several of my favorite authors have new books coming out, I foresee a lot of nights where my reading stretches into the wee hours. As I’m a glutton for punishment, if there are other books I should keep an eye out for, feel free to mention them in the comments.


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