Best Websites of 2012

A while back I posted asking people what their sources were for discovering, discussing, and exploring on the web. I had picked up some tips from friends on other sources, and felt it would be fun to list my favorite sites to visit in 2012. These are the sites I check regularly to read about new media, news, and whatever else catches my eye.

1. imagesLargehearted Boy
Between aggregated lists of cool articles on writing, literature, and music, and the lists Dave Gutowski has authors send him of the soundtracks for their writing, Largehearted Boy is my go-to central hub to jump off into many fascinating subject areas.

2. Whatever
John Scalzi’s built himself a fascinating soapbox from which to bring attention to new writers, provide a peek into his life, and rant on varied and sundry topics of interest. More importantly he keeps his followers well in check in the comment portion of his posts, allowing for spirited and fascinating discussion without the trolling and general assholery that often drag comments straight down into the sewer.

3. Brain Pickings
Maria Popova’s brilliant site covering philosophy, creativity, design, and other areas of interest.

4. Codecademy.
Not a news source, but an excellent resource to practice and learn writing varieties of code. My son’s gotten into this too.

5. terribleminds_fire_postlengthTerribleminds.
After years of not doing so, this year I’ve taken up writing again. Chuck Wendig’s site frequently features his lists of what’s worked for him in developing his writing career. Not all his suggestions may work for me, but more often than not I can’t argue with his thinking, and even when I can, the man’s hysterical to read.

6. Awards Daily
Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams (not the one you’re thinking of) put together reliably interesting analysis of film and television all year long but this time of year, when film awards are starting to ramp up, is when their keen analysis really shines.

7. This is my jamThis is My Jam
I wrote about this site earlier this year. It’s still in a beta form, but through it I found a number of great artists and had fun sharing my own discoveries.

8. Ryan’s Smashing Life
Ryan Spaulding covers the New England music scene, constantly reminding me of the great music being made just up the Pike from me.

9. Bleeding Cool
Rich Johnston’s site is my go to for learning about new comics, now that I’ve gotten back into comic books and graphic novels.

10. Fuel/Friends
Heather Browne covers the west coast music scene, focusing on more roots based artists. I learned about Adam Arcuragi, Pickwick, and Bryan John Appleby through her site. It’s become a necessary stop when drifting around online.



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