Something Awesome for Friday Night

Mash-ups are often a touch-and-go proposition. Some are really well done, while many aren’t nearly as creative as their creators think they are. Sometime, though, they can be close to perfect. Miles Davis was the textbook definition of an innovator. He was willing to embrace new sounds, and had a seismic impact on music. It’s easy to imagine how he’d embrace newer artists, and composers and producers have been repurposing and remixing him for years. But there’s something special in this mashup, which imagines Davis improvising over LCD Soundsystem’s poignant “New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down.” The accompanying video has a nice meta quality to it, as if this collaboration, made possible through new technology, is occurring within that technology. Have a listen, it’s more than worth the five minutes or so it runs.



What do you think?

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