Locke & Key: Omega Issue 1 Out Today


This weekend I really should have been writing.  I’m way behind my writing goal for the year, and fully intend to make up as much ground as possible before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I was sidetracked by finally reading Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s amazing series Locke & Key.  I disappeared down a rather deep rabbit hole, reading all five previous volumes of the adventures of the Locke kids.

For those of you who are on the fence about graphic novels as a form, you seriously need to dive into these books, they’re a master class in what the form can do.  Hill and Rodriguez work together in the same symbiotic way screenwriters and directors do.  Hill lays out well paced, cleverly knotty plots involving all-too-human characters you can connect with.  He builds from the boots up a compelling tale and constantly raises the stakes for Taylor, Kinsey and Bode.  Rodriguez then takes those scripts and crafts some of the most beautiful, powerful artwork to bring the story to dynamic life.  His ability to mimic motion, to synthesize pop culture into his art, and to capture even the most subtle facial expressions to convey emotion adds depth to the tale.  Between the immense creativity of the two the real world falls away, and we are drawn into Keyhouse, the town of Lovecraft, and the lives of the Lockes.

This afternoon, once the sun’s gone down and my son is in bed, I’ll be falling back into the rich world Hill and Rodriguez have created.  This new issue is the first in the final volume of Locke & Key.  There will only be six more issues after this one, and I’m both excited and disappointed.  It’s like knowing there are only seven chapters left in a particularly exciting novel.  I’m thrilled to see how they bring this incredible story to a close, and at the same time want it to keep going on.  I was disappointed to hear the planned Locke & Key TV series didn’t happen (the pilot looked pretty sharp), although I suppose it could be a blessing, as they certainly would have deviated from the story I fell for.  Now there are rumors Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are planning to turn them into a trilogy of movies, which seems like a much more natural fit.  This way there’ll be no attempt to pad out the story beyond the forty-plus chapters laid out in the comic.  So far, there’s been an elegance to how carefully this story has been crafted.  They’ve teased out each thread perfectly, and I fully expect the remaining issues to bring the whole story to a perfect close.  Maybe, once I finish, I might even get back to writing.  Although, the new issue of Saga comes out today as well…



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