Something You Should Consider Picking Up Next Week

I was first introduced to the music of Rebekka Karijord about two years ago, when I heard her beautiful song “The Noble Art of Letting Go.” The title track from her debut album of the same title, this song is a sparse, intimate piece.  It’s a genuinely moving song, and I was inspired to get the album immediately to hear the rest of her work.  Inspired, but frustrated, because it was released in Europe, and not in the US.  I had to wait until last year, contenting myself with finding her work on YouTube, SoundCloud, and various other streaming services.  When I was able to get the album, last year, I was very familiar with many of the songs, but hearing them together refreshed them, and made the whole greater than the disparate, luminescent parts.  She emerged as a substantial artist, not just the performer of a few good songs.

Now her second album, We Become Ourselves,  is due out, and will be available in the US Tuesday.  I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, and heard several of the new songs.  She’s not just the powerful artist I was enthralled by on that first album, she’s growing and expanding her ambitions as a performer.  Rebekka sings with a powerful, clear voice, and employs an impressive amount of control, building sparse arrangements into expansive pieces.  She definitely falls into the camp of artists inspired by Kate Bush and Tori Amos, but she’s clearly not content to merely recycle their innovations.  She’s staking out her own space in the popular music world, and this album is a clear statement that she deserves that space.  Below is the video she directed for the first single, “Use My Body While it’s Still Young.”  The song sounds like Kate Bush, performing a Nick Cave tune, a pairing that the world definitely needed.


What do you think?

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