Now I Will Definitely Have to See Looper Twice


I haven’t made the time to see Looper yet, and I’ve been feeling a bit itchy about that. From what little I’ve glanced at, it’s supposed to be amazing, and I’m very excited to see how Rian Johnson’s expanded on the already great work he’s done, between Brick and The Brothers Bloom. And now, to make the fact I need to see this even more painfully clear, I’ve learned Johnson’s recorded and released a commentary track to listen to while watching the movie.

I think this is a stellar idea. Of course, when seeing the movie for the first time, I’m going to want to not be distracted, so I can take it in and decide for myself how I feel about it. But after that, it would be great to sit in the theater with my iPod and listen to Johnson talk about what he’s going for, and revealing details I may not have caught the first time.

I enjoy commentary tracks on DVD’s, it’s perhaps the greatest thing about that technology. It gives me as a viewer the opportunity to hear what the director was going for, and helps me analyze the movie. Some commentary tracks, like the one Jim and Mary Lovell recorded for Apollo 13, offer a whole new perspective on the story, and bridge the gap between historical accuracy and fictionalization drama. Others, like the commentary Steven Soderbergh and Lem Dobbs recorded for The Limey, give a deeper insight into the process of filmmaking, and the creative conflicts that go on behind the scene. It would be great to see more film makers do this, I can’t wait to try it out.

Here’s the link to their tumblr where you can download the track.


What do you think?

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