Walking Dead Season Three Coming Soon


On October 14, The Walking Dead’s third season begins. Many of the best characters Robert Kirkman created are featured, such as Michonne and the Governor (not to mention the return of Merle!).

The explosion of zombies in recent years has been one of the most interesting developments in pop culture, with movies, books, and TV shows prominently featuring the living dead. Since George Romero crept into our lizard brains and began laying eggs with his cannibalistic shamblers, we’ve been given something to fear that touches on so many of our triggers. One of my favorite threads from this trend was when the CDC, ever the helpers, put out this guide to preparing for a zombie apocalypse (it’s actually a pretty good general disaster preparedness guide).

Of course, in the show’s mythology, things didn’t really work out well for the CDC, did they?



  1. I’ve often wondered what the zombie phenomenon means vis-a-vis our collective consciousness. Is it that we feel so disconnected from “real” life that we are the living dead? Is it that we fear some enemy from without who attack us in a brainless but persistent fashion? Is it rampant consumerism, like Romero intended?

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