On a Grand Scale


When Raiders of the Lost Ark first came out, my parents thought I was too young to see it in theaters. When I eventually saw it, it was on television, cropped down and edited. I didn’t truly understand what made seeing a movie in the theater such a wonderful experience until I saw the first rerelease of Star wars, and finally understood how, even when you are completely familiar with every twist of a story, watching it on an enormous screen in a crowd adds an entirely new dimension. I truly understood how much is gained from seeing a movie in a theater.

Now, tomorrow, my wife and I are taking our son to see Raiders on an IMAX screen. The limited run is being shown to celebrate the Blu-Ray release of the Indiana Jones series, and I’m welcoming the opportunity to see this movie the way it was intended to be seen. When Spielberg and Lucas conceived it, they were crafting an homage to the action movies they grew up with, and meant viewers to be wrapped up in the spectacle of storytelling on a truly grand scale. My son’s seen Raiders, of course, but not like this. Not on an enormous screen, in surround sound, surrounded by an audience wrapped up in the story with us. I hope there will be more rereleases like this, I can think of several movies I’d love to see in this format (Jaws springs to mind, and Lawrence of Arabia). What movies would you like to see on the big, big screen?



  1. On Oct 4, “Lawrence of Arabia” has a 50th anniversary showing all across the nation. I’ve only seen it on the screen once (in an “Epic Marathon” at a local theater: “The Bible”, “Ben Hur”, “Cleopatra”, and “Lawrence…”). I am looking forward to seeing it in IMAX, but this means there is yet another version of the movie I have to buy!

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