In need of Polyhedral Dice


    There are times I wish I was a Dungeons and Dragons kid. In many, many ways I was a big time nerd. Seriously, at ten I tried to talk my grandmother into knitting me a Tom Baker-style scarf, not because he was my favorite Doctor, but because I was certain people would recognize it and think it was cool. It didn’t go well, partly because she had no idea who he was.

    As deeply as I strolled down the wormhole of nerd-dom, though, I could never get into D&D. I tried once, spending an afternoon with a die hard dungeon master who helped me build a character who was promptly killed barely a couple rolls in the campaign. I distinctly felt that was a whole lot more effort than the end result was worth, and nursed my wombs with comic book and a blue Slush Puppy.

    What I feel I missed from the whole role playing experience is a greater patience for the long game in projects. If I’m at work, or doing something a round the house, I can stay engaged as I see the progress, but in other areas of personal creative endeavors, I envy the attention span of goldfish.

    I can’t tell you how many writing projects, instrument lessons, and other projects I have started and abandoned over the years. These are projects I would love to do, but haven’t had the patience or commitment to stick to. I look at the role players I know, though, and I see their willingness to grind out pages of material. They don’t know what’s going to come of this writing, but they keep at it, even when they drag the words on to the page, kicking and screaming.

    That’s a big part of why I’m writing this blog. I have a couple of writing projects I intend to start this year, in part because it’s agony thinking of what to write each week. I can talk about those projects in the fallow times between posts, but first I want this blog to train me to crank out material on a schedule for no other reason than it’s fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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