Fade in…

I’m excited to be launching this blog, although to be honest I don’t entirely have a plan for it yet. In the course of deciding this would be fun, I skipped the portion of this process where I sit down and craft just what this blog would be.

I did spend some time thinking about what I would do on a blog over the past few years, and always talked myself out of it. It’s an easy thing to talk yourself out of, even though there’s almost no downside to blogging. Laziness prevailed, but no more.

I have no predetermined purpose for doing this, aside from believing some people might find what I have to say interesting. The best case scenario would be I carve out a niche for myself, while the worst would be for no one to read this, which is no different from where I am now.

But for now let’s focus on excitement – particularly what excites me and you both. For me it’s music, movies, books, science, cooking and any number of other topics, all of which will show up here one time or another. I can’t wait to see what this turns into, I think this will be fun all around.

Here we go…


What do you think?

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